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Detox while you Dine in Style

Toxic agents are everywhere in our world from the food we eat, the air we breathe, to the electronics we use on a daily basis. With the overabundance of chemicals and pesticides in our foods and environment, our body is overwhelmed with toxic buildup and needs additional help ...

MY Zumba Kids Jr.

Designed exclusively for MY World children aged 3-6, MY Zumba Kids Jr. gets children moving, hearts pumping, and foreheads sweating, all the while remaining 100% fun! Combining music and movement, the programme incorporates fitness as a natural part of childrens’ lives and add...

Metro-Y Restaurant Chinese New Year's Eve Takeaway Menu

Gather your family and friends for a reunion this Lunar New Year with a variety of enticing and satisfying food that symbolises prosperity, harmony and happiness, at the Metro-Y Restaurant!!
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