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Group of 70 youths visit us for a Youth Exchange

Our Youth Leadership and Development team hosted a fun-filled and fruitful exchange with staff and youths from Sheng Kung Hui Youth Leadership Development Centre on 25 August. We shared about our youth programmes - aimed to engage, equip and empower youths for positive soc...

MY Big Sweep

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to volunteers from Hilti Far East and various schools who partnered with us to organise a large scale MY Big Sweep at Eunos Crescent and Macpherson estates for our beneficiaries. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all ...

Legacies of Influence - #legacy70

What does it take to influence someone? Wealth, fame, power or ...? At MYMCA, we hope to deepen our understanding of who an influential person is. And we want to do it with you – through our shared stories. "Who has been a great influence on your life?Together, let's broa...
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