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Membership Talk: Overcome Sleep Problems Naturally & Effectively

The lack of quality sleep can have a negative impact on your energy and health. Let our speaker provide you tips on sleeping well on 19 August 12.30pm. Lunch & free health check provided! Register your interest with now!

Legacies of Influence - #legacy70

What does it take to influence someone? Wealth, fame, power or ...? At MYMCA, we hope to deepen our understanding of who an influential person is. And we want to do it with you – through our shared stories. "Who has been a great influence on your life?Together, let's broa...

MY Blessings - Bringing Smiles to 70 families

THANK YOU for putting a big SMILE on the faces of 70 families on 2 July! Special thanks to Keppel Land for sponsoring the vouchers and Poi Ching School Parent Support Group for sponsoring the goodie bags and coming down to our Community Outreach centre to facilitate the self...
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