Why You Should Join an Obstacle Run

Ropes, tyres, mazes, ball pits – all these sound more like a children’s indoor playground than a 5km run you expect yourself to join. But attempting an obstacle run has a plethora of benefits for people beyond age 5 as well! So get off the couch, shake up your fitness routines, connect with others and have fun!

Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why you should join an obstacle run.

1. Because you miss OBS
Face it – OBS (Outward Bound Singapore) was an amazing experience during secondary school. If you’re proactively looking for something similar to boost your confidence, an obstacle run is a great place to start! From scaling giant walls to army crawling under barbed wire, there will be plenty of obstacles to trail blast. Not forgetting the thrill you’ll feel on high elements and abseiling off the cliff. Get another chance to relive your adventures at an obstacle run! Feeling nostalgic yet?

2. Because you miss NS
Going through NS was the best time of your life. What you wouldn’t give to do it once more! Just kidding. Obstacle runs aren’t half as bad as what you had to go through…or are they? The only way to find out is to join one!

3. Because the obstacles in life will always be greater
What personal obstacles are you facing in life? Too many occasions, we feel like we have to face life’s obstacles on our own but not in an obstacle run! Mud runs, jump hurdles, man-made tunnel escapes are about the camaraderie of teamwork rather than the thrill of a new personal record. Expect to leave the run with a sense of accomplishment, newfound perseverance and rekindled friendships.

4. Because you hate running
Hate running but want to get fit? Join an obstacle run! Disguised as a fun run, an obstacle run is an alternative to the traditional road race. It has more than a dozen obstacles and is typically doable for participants of most fitness levels. Imagine the sheer number of calories you’ll burn while sweating it out under the hot sun, swinging from monkey bars and running the hamster ball. You’ll probably expend more energy pulling ropes at the Tug-o-wars than running anyway!

5. Because selfies!
We all face the problem of having too few #ootd spots. An obstacle course, however, gives you a variety of popular sports and plenty of opportunities to get candid shots of yourself. What’s more, the epic obstacles will make you look like the ultimate trooper in your pictures. So grab your #gamestrong squad and sign up for an obstacle race now!

Images retrieved December 22, 2015, from Giphy and Meme Crunch.

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