Future Forward Programme

Future Forward Programme

Future Forward Programme is an annual event held by Greenview Secondary School to provide a platform for its alumni to contribute their industrial knowledge and experience to help graduating students become better informed about career choices.

Our Staff Ms Jasmine Poh, Ng Wee Leng and Leah Lim(intern) represented the Social Service Sector to share about work experience of a youth worker.

Marking our inaugural partnership with Greenview Secondary School, MYMCA was invited to participate in their annual Future Forward Programme. Jasmine Poh from YLD accepted the invitation by the school as alumni, and together with Ng Wee Leng and Leah Lim (intern), represented Social Service Sector where she shared about MYMCA, the causes we stand for, and a glimpse of her typical work week as a youth worker.

The objectives were to provide a platform for alumni to be engaged by contributing their industrial knowledge and experiences to help graduating students be better informed of their career aspirations. The event was attended by 43 students. Towards the end of the session, Leah shared about her passion and motivation that spur her to work with youths through the social service sector.

It was a meaningful experience to be given the opportunity to bring out mentoring in a different form and to encourage youths to be daring to dream and persevere in actualising them.

“Thank you for taking the time off your busy schedule to speak to Greenview students on Wednesday, 22 March during our Careers Fest. Your session was well received. The students gave feedback that they enjoyed the stories you related about some of the projects you worked on and the satisfaction that youth workers experience when they are able to experience breakthroughs. 

The presentation gave our students a clearer idea of the job scope and challenges of work in this field and helped reinforce many of the important values teachers have been trying to instil in our current cohort of Greenview students. We look forward to your continued support in motivating younger generations of Singaporeans. Our sincere appreciation for your contribution!”

– Mr Ng Boon Kiat, Principal, Greenview Secondary School

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