M.Y Big Sweep

M.Y Big Sweep

Event Partnership with Rotary Club of Singapore

It was an eventful day for the Big Sweep beneficiaries on 17th March. 200 volunteers from The Rotary Club of Singapore, which comprises of students from Interact Clubs across different schools came together to serve our elderly folks. The event commenced with home cleaning sessions where 50 interactors cleaned 10 homes located at Eunos Crescent. Thereafter, beneficiaries were invited to a carnival.

The theme of the afternoon event was titled, “Grey Can Still Play”. Twenty of our beneficiaries joined 80 other elders from Macpherson were invited to the event. There was a sumptuous buffet spread of buffet while students entertained them with performances. The students also spent time crafting paper flowers with them. Twenty booths were set up at the carnival and the elderly had a jolly time pitting their skills at the game booths to win prizes. Graced by MP Ms Tin Pei Ling, the elderly residents were happy to be part of this outing and to have the opportunity to interact with her.



2-3 hours per slot

Metropolitan YMCA Outreach Centre; various homes

What you can do:

  • Clean as a group/family (providing a “home makeover” which includes cleaning, and at times, painting, replacing broken furniture and appliances, removing infested bedding, etc.)
  • Befriend our beneficiaries

Click here to join us today either as a participant or a volunteer!

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