Youth Got It 2023- 1800-Friendships: Journeying Together for Youth Mental Health

Youth Got It 2023- 1800-Friendships: Journeying Together for Youth Mental Health

Metropolitan YMCA Singapore was proud to have hosted Youth Got It: 1800-FRIENDSHIPS on 06 and 07 October 2023 (Friday and Saturday). 

The 2-day symposium saw over 250 participants share personal experiences and uncover the power of friendships through the breakout rooms, with topics ranging from how to be a good friend to learning how to resolve conflict and set boundaries.  The participants also engaged in purposeful conversations with the event’s keynote speakers Jeanette Aw and Rui En. It was a time filled with empowering talks, meaningful connections and endless positivity.

Speaking from the heart, our Keynote speakers had encouraging words for our participants for both days:

“Be the friend that you wish someone would be to you. Because friendships will give you that space and the support you need to catch you when you fall.”  – Jeanette Aw

“You need to nurture and cultivate a support system of friends that will make you feel safe, people can hold space and not be affected by the other party’s negative feelings and emotions. ” – Rui En

We would like to thank Hongkong Land for sponsoring the event and also to our valued partners Beyond the Label, People’s Association Youth Movement (PAYM) and Friendzone for being part of our event. Their partnership has played a crucial part in helping us break the barriers and stigma surrounding mental health, and has shed new light on various mental health issues and the importance of friendships. 

We would also like to show our appreciation to both our keynote Speakers: Jeanette Aw and Rui En for taking the time out of their busy schedules to come and share their experiences on the importance and role friendships in supporting a person’s mental well-being. Both ladies also encouraged our youth to keep pressing on to persevere through their struggles.

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