Seeding A Brand New Chapter!

Seeding A Brand New Chapter!

This morning, we were honoured to host our friends from the YMCA of SingaporeYWCA of Singapore, and SG Enable for a transformative hands-on experience at our Urban Farm. This event underscores a landmark moment in our journey towards community enrichment, focusing on empowering individuals with disabilities through unlocking valuable resources and opportunities.

Our session went beyond just imparting knowledge on urban farming techniques. It was a comprehensive and fun exploration of our farm operations that provided insights into the seeding process. It was also a meaningful morning of fostering a deeper connection and bond between the 3 Ys as we embarked on our very first collaborative project with SG Enable.

A particularly memorable moment was witnessing our friends with disabilities actively participating, getting their hands in the soil to prepare and plant Kalian seeds.
This symbolises not just the beginnings of a new chapter, but also the blossoming of a unique enabling space to nurture and empower PWDs for a flourishing and fluffing life.

As we forge ahead, we remain committed to seeding and nurturing innovative, equitable projects within the YMCA family, aimed at engaging and uplifting our community in meaningful ways.

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