Growing Bonds, Weaving Oneness, Flourishing Together

Growing Bonds, Weaving Oneness, Flourishing Together

We were honoured to have witnessed the launch of Y+ – a ground-breaking initiative to serve persons with disabilities and their caregivers on Friday, 7 June 2024. In partnership with SG Enable, the initiative saw Metropolitan YMCA (MYMCA), YMCA of Singapore (YMCA), and YWCA of Singapore (YWCA) uniting for the first time to reach out to this important segment of Singapore’s society. The event was graced by Guest of Honour, Ms Denise Phua, Member of Parliament, Jalan Besar GRC and Mayor of Central Singapore District.

This unprecedented collaboration unites the strengths and resources of each Association to foster inclusion, support, and meaningful engagement within the community. Y+ heralds the start of collaborative efforts to find new ways to serve and impact persons with disabilities while offering more community-based options during the critical transition from SPED (Special Education) schools to employment and community integration. It also aims to empower persons with disabilities and their caregivers to be more fully integrated within the community.

The three pilot programmes in this Y+ initiative are:

  • Y Crops – Metropolitan YMCA’s Urban Farm Initiative that will provide a range of therapy and mental wellness programmes including employment opportunities for persons with additional needs.
  • Y Wellness Weave – YWCA of Singapore’s weaving programme provides persons with disabilities and their caregivers with wellness weaving workshops and flexible-income opportunities.
  • Y Dance – YMCA of Singapore’s Dance programme engages youth with special needs through the art of dance while providing a platform for mental wellness and creative self-expression, especially for non-verbal clients.

At the launch, dancers from Y Dance staged a performance that amazed attendees. Our Guest of Honour, Ms Denise Phua, also tried her hand at freeform weaving, guided by an instructor from the YWCA’s Wellness Weave programme. Ms Phua and the guests also had a meaningful time interacting with the persons with disabilities from YMCA of Singapore’s Club Lite.

In her speech, Guest of Honour, Ms Denise Phua mentioned that persons with disabilities are like the rest of us, who also have needs and aspirations. She hopes that the programmes introduced now through the Y+ programmes will enhance the lives of persons with disabilities by providing them with learning, social participation and respite opportunities.

To conclude the launch of Y+, a symbolic act of partnership took place, with Ms Phua and the CEOs of MYMCA, YMCA, YWCA, and SG Enable planting seeds to symbolise the growing partnerships between the parties.

As the seeds planted symbolise the growth of this initiative, we look forward to witnessing the blossoming of an inclusive and supportive community for all.

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