Continuing Education & Enrichment (CEE)

Restructured in 2021, Continuing Education and Enrichment is a department within the Education Division of Metropolitan YMCA. It endeavours to be a progressive continuing education provider that delivers high-quality, innovative and responsive programmes to learners of all ages through strategic collaborations. The department serves both adult learners and children from three years old.

The department provides both enrichment programmes that encourage children’s critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, as well as bite-sized programmes that upskill adults’ professional capabilities to prepare them for career resilience.

The department offers a variety of enrichment programmes to both M.Y World Preschool and the Public. In 2022, an average of 200 children have engaged in our enrichment programmes per month.

In the same year, the department has also launched the Learning@Y Weekend Series to help parents improve parental empowerment and competency with parenting practices.

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