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Pop Vocal for Adults
Needing to let loose through the hustle and bustle? Singing relieves stress and enables us to express our emotions freely through the calmness of song - especially with ones off the top of your head!
So sing your stresses away with singer-songwriter Charlyn Too here to guide you through some vocal techniques and tips! She’s also been a judge for singing competitions, so sign up to get that edge before it’s too late!
Learning Outcomes:
  • To appreciate and have basic understanding of music
  • To develop vocal techniques and sound projection
  • To sing with confidence

Age Group: 18 Years Old and Above

Date: Saturday, 18 June

Time: 11:30am - 1:00pm

Mimimum No. of Participants: 8

Venue: MYMCA Upper Room Level 5

Fees (Before GST): 

  • $60 (Member)
  • $75 (Non-Member)
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