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Youth Got It Symposium 2022

Hello friends,

Our youths today face tremendous pressure dealing with information overload while managing personal, family and environmental expectations. The added burden of having to keep up with ‘perfect’ appearances adds more stress points that results in many untold stories of deep pain, helplessness and despair. The numbers are alarming, and young people today urgently need the right support and tools to help them protect and manage their mental health. 

In line with World Mental Health Day 2022, Metropolitan YMCA’s (MYMCA) Youth Got It Symposium 2022 seeks to unpack critical issues and causes surrounding mental health on our youths as we work towards empowering and equipping them for better mental well-being. 

We invite youths to join us at Youth Got It Symposium with our keynote speaker, Adrian Pang, to learn how to communicate effectively and be better equipped to cope and manage mental health at the workplace!

Through this campaign, MYMCA seeks to raise $30,000 and is eligible for a dollar-to-dollar matching under the ToteBoard Enhanced Fundraising Grant. As with every fundraising event, every donation counts as every dollar is channeled to drive MYMCA’s youth and community programmes such as M.Y Mentoring, M.Y Global and M.Y Mindspace. Each year, an estimated $500,000 is required to enable us to deliver impactful initiatives that are purposeful, relevant and effective.

Join us and be part of the MYMCA movement to empower our next generation!
Yes, Youth Got It!


Event Details
Friday, 7 Oct 2022 OR Saturday, 8 Oct 2022, 10am - 4pm
Metropolitan YMCA Singapore L2 Vine Ballroom, 60 Stevens Road S(257854)

If you are between ages 17 to 25, do sign up for one of the following dates now! Register here https://bit.ly/ygi-signup

Supporting Youth Got It 2022!

To support our journey in empowering our next generation, you can purchase tickets at give.asia/mymcaygi2022 (priced at $150 per youth).

Alternatively, you can join us to be our sponsor, volunteer or fundraiser! Connect with us and we can help you start a personalised sub-campaign page to call for donations.

Please email or call Mary Leong at [email protected] or 96303077 for more information.

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