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September Squad Camp

Discover an extraordinary adventure at our September Squad Camp hosted by Metropolitan YMCA. This action-packed camp promises an exciting line-up of activities to ignite creativity, explore rhythm, and foster self-expression!


Parent-child Carpentry: Bond with your child as you both immerse yourselves in the world of carpentry. From crafting fun projects to creating cherished memories, this workshop offers a unique bonding experience.

Instructor’s Profile: Royston Phang

Royston Phang, founder of SALTTWORJSHOP + JR . Industrial designer with 11 years of product design experience. Ex Electrolux. Freelance design consultant Tech startups, bridging design and technology for a better tomorrow. UX practitioner.

Adjunct lecturer at NAFA teaching students on the basics of 3D forms and Rapid Prototyping methods, challenging their thinking to materialize their ideas into physical prototypes with machines. An advocate for parent-child bonding through crafts activities.


World and Ethnic Percussion: Feel the beat from around the globe! Students will be taught to enjoy various types of hand drums from different cultures and get the chance to express themselves through rhythms.

Instructor’s Profile: Sharanpal

Sharanpal has 20 years of experience performing and teaching World and Ethnic Percussion. Having graduated from LaSalle College of the Arts with BA Hons In Music, Sharanpal has gone on to educate young kids on the various types of percussion instruments.


Speech & Drama: In this workshop, children will learn how to create still images with their bodies and represent scenes in a fun and interactive way. They will also learn to be aware of their surroundings, prioritize safety, and respect boundaries. Through activities like STOP, GO, Freeze Tag, Grandmother's Footsteps, Fire, Hunter, and Earthquake, children will improve their spatial awareness and enhance their physical and verbal communication skills.

Learning Outcome: Develop spatial awareness and improve physical and verbal communication skills through various drama games and activities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of spatial awareness and how it can be used in drama through tableau.
  • Demonstrate understanding of spatial awareness through various drama games and activities.

Instructor’s Profile: Othman

Othman, founder of Threehouse Theatre, passionate about making drama education accessible to all. A dynamic theatre practitioner, he blends different art forms and international influences in his work. As a Speech and Drama instructor, Othman works extensively with children, encouraging them to explore their creativity and self-expression in a fun and interactive way.


Every participant who signs up for the September Squad Camp will receive a Free Sling Bag!

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Date: Friday, 8 September 2023 

Time: 10.30 am - 3.30 pm

Location: Metropolitan YMCA Singapore

$172.80 (For Metropolitan YMCA Members)
$183.60 (For Non-Metropolitan YMCA Members)


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