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M.Y Big Sweep: SAJC Service Learning Day

It is another year of partnership with SAJC for their annual service learning day. This year, 47 students (year 2) from St. Andrews Junior College participated in M.Y Big Sweep, cleaning 8 homes in Ang Mo Kio – Teck Ghee. It was a great time working with the students as we witness them serving the elderly with enthusiasm. The elderly enjoyed the students’ companionship as the students took time to chat and befriend them. The session ended with a closing speech by our social agency partner, Paul from Cheng San FSC who assisted to coordinate the homes for this session. 


“It was overall a heartwarming session and the elderly was extremely kind and sweet. We manage to help clean the beneficiary’s house and to interact with the elderly. It’s more about the sincere interactions with them that matters.

Group 7 students (Afiqa, Christine, Domic, Dao Zhen, Kassandra and Jiayu) ~



2-3 hours per slot

Metropolitan YMCA Outreach Centre; various homes

What you can do:

  • Clean as a group/family (providing a "home makeover" which includes cleaning, and at times, painting, replacing broken furniture and appliances, removing infested bedding, etc.)
    • Befriend our beneficiaries

Join us today either as a participant or a volunteer!

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