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Labour Day of Love (LOL)

Labour Day of Love - This was the 3rd partnership with Healthserve which reached out to the community of our migrant brothers. A total of 5 interns and 6 M.Y YOUTHsync youths turned up for the event where they hosted 10 migrant workers.

The objectives of 'LOL' were to (i) Befriend, interact, and build quality friendships with the migrant workers, and (ii) Maintain a working partnership with Healthserve. During the session debrief, insightful reflections were shared. One of which, sparked a discussion on creating a more sustainable environment and attitude towards migrant workers beyond the project context to address societal discrimination towards them in Singapore.

The project was well received by Healthserve and the committee received an invitation to their in-house event on Vesak Day, 29 May 2018.




1st Saturday of every month

10am - 1pm

Youth Leadership & Development Department, MYMCA, Stevens Road (Entrance 4, Level 3)

What you can do:

  • Share your life experiences
  • Teach skills workshops (i.e. effective communication, problem-solving, leadership, project planning, marketing, training and facilitation)
  • Raise funds or donate towards the development of our youth volunteers
  • Be present to support their events and programmes
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