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Safeguarding against COVID-19

Dear Members/Volunteers/Guests,

The outbreak of the 2019 novel Coronavirus (renamed COVID-19 by the World Health Organisation) is a global concern, and has kept everyone on the alert.

With reference to health advisories from the Ministry of Health, we have taken the following measures to safeguard your interest:


Mandatory TraceTogether-only SafeEntry from 17 May 2021:

  • From May 17, these venues will implement the TraceTogether-only Safe Entry:
    - Metropolitan YMCA Head Office, Hostel & Restaurant @ Stevens
    - Metropolitan YMCA Student Care @ Pasir Ris
    - Metropolitan YMCA Community Service Centre @ Geylang

    All visitors will no longer be allowed to digitally check-in by scanning the SafeEntry QR code with their mobile phone or through Singpass app.

    Scanning of barcodes on personal identification cards for check-in to venues will still be allowed till May 31 2021.

    For more information, please refer to Safe Entry - National Digital Check-In System.
  • For control purposes, MYMCA Lobby B is closed.
    Kindly enter via Lobby A.
  • All staff and visitors are required to take their temperatures at Lobby A to get clearance before they are allowed to enter the premise.
    Access will be denied for anyone with temperature reading of 37.5°C and above.
    (Staff to notify their reporting officer in the event if their access is denied and await for further instructions.)

Safe Entry Gateway

  • Metropolitan YMCA will implement Safe Entry Gateway at our premises and facilities from 15 June 2021 onwards.

Measures taken by our Front Desk:

  1. Counter top is sanitised every 2 hours.
  2. A hand sanitiser is also available for use at the counter.
  3. Anyone who is unwell is advised to wear a mask and seek medical attention immediately.


Housekeeping gets into action:

  1. Housekeeping staff are briefed on wearing their masks correctly and rooms are sanitised daily.
  2. Public areas, lift buttons, door handles, railings, table tops, etc, are sanitised every 2 hours.

Being vigilant at our Restaurant:

  1. Tables are sanitised after every meal.
  2. All service staff are required to:
  • Maintain good personal hygiene and be socially responsible.
  • Wash their hands frequently.


  1. All participants are required to fill out the travel and health declaration form.
  2. Temperature checks will be conducted at the Membership Counter before participants can participate in a programme.
  3. For programmes that are conducted outside our premise, temperature checks will be conducted before the start of each programme.

Pasir Ris Student Care:

  1. All visitors entering the student care centre are required to fill in travel declaration forms.
  2. Temperature taking for children and staff will be conducted twice a day (i.e. during arrival and at dismissal).
  3. Parents/Guardians are not permitted to enter the Student Care premise. Children are released to them at the main entrance.