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M.Y Global

Connect and Converse with like-minded youths around the globe!

M.Y Global aims to develop youths to be more ASEAN, China and India (ACI) savvy through experiential learning, digital engagement or hybrid programmes. Youth are engaged through cross borders experiences to gain appreciation of different cultures and precious exchange of ideas and best practices to make positive community transformation.

2022’s Focus
Globa-Y-zation Forum (Apr-Nov 2022)
Engaging and empowering youths from the Asia-Pacific region in a two-part series:

Part I: Discuss relevant issues and topics such as Volunteerism, Mentoring, Climate Change, and Mental Wellness.
Part II: Participation and facilitation of E-volunteerism.



Date / Time
Youth-Led Session (Topic: Mentoring): TBC
E-volunteering Segment: TBC

Virtual Platforms, e.g. Zoom

How you can be involved
Hosting, facilitating or participating in discussions
Host and coordinate e-volunteering activities

Target Audience
17 - 24 years old

For more information, please reach out to Bernice Bernales at [email protected]


M.Y Global was both fun and insightful. I took away a lot from meeting and discussing pertinent social topics relevant to youths with our peers from Manila, Seoul and Hong Kong. Coming from different backgrounds, we each shared our cultures which helped broadened our perspectives. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I am grateful to have been part of M.Y Global.

Ivy, M.Y Global Participant

Thanks to MYMCA, I’m grateful to be part of this event. It felt really great to connect with different people from different countries to discuss on Mentoring. It was fun and I’ve learned a lot through this opportunity. I am looking forward for the upcoming sessions on different topics!

Youneng, M.Y Global Participant

It was enriching to learn about the commonalities and differences of other cultures! What was even more wonderful was being able to surpass the differences and working towards understanding one another, genuinely :)

Kiru, M.Y Global Participant